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Learn to read Chinese… with ease!

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88 books to enjoy this summer: the TED reading list

Whether your weeks ahead contain travel, vacations or just longer and lazier days than usual, our list of recommendations from TED speakers has books for all moods, activities and tastes.

The Ugly Truth About Self-Publishing: Not another cookie-cutter contemporary romance

The Ugly Truth About Self-Publishing: Not another cookie-cutter contemporary romance (Educated Rants and Wild Guesses Book 3) by [Malloy, Oliver Markus]Forget everything you think you know about writing and self-publishing. Chances are it’s complete bullshit.

Nowadays there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who dream of being a professional writer. And thanks to self-publishing and print-on-demand, there’s nothing stopping you or anyone else from publishing whatever you want.

Even if it’s complete crap.

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by Oliver Markus Malloy (author)

How language shapes the way we think

Life lessons from writers (playlist)


5 writers share deft musings and observations pulled from the pages of their own work, fellow wordsmiths and the world around them.

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The Gruesome Origins of 10 Classic Fairy Tales

Cinderella painting and at Disneyland

Many classic fairy tales had early versions that had some very grim content such as torture, rape, and cannibalism. Often, these graphic elements helped shape the stories into tales of caution. They were designed to teach children important lessons. Over time, the most gruesome parts were dropped to make the stories more pleasant. As a result, many of the stories completely lost their original meanings.

Here are some of the gruesome details that get left out in the modern versions of 10 classic fairy tales.

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Book Publishing for Beginners

Book Publishing for Beginners: How to publish and market your book to a #1 bestseller and grow your business (Paul G. Brodie Publishing Series Book 1) by [Brodie, Paul]

Become a bestselling author and change your life

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