If They Gave Oscars To Books, Our 2016 Nominees

indexWhat would happen if the Academy gave Oscars to the book world? Okay, it would be the National Book Awards. But what if it was even bigger than that? Since the Academy Awards air this weekend, here’s a fun and diverting game to play at whatever party you get dragged to: what would the categories look like if they applied to books and not films? Sure, best picture makes an easy parallel, but what about sound editing? Hairstyling? Cinematography? Our nominations for the imaginary 2017 Literary Oscars are below, or go ahead and make up your own. NB: Just like the actual Oscars, all of these categories leave off a host of worthy contenders—but lists are finite and so are all of our attention spans. Feel free to add on ad infinitum in the comments.

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By Emily Temple 


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