A Nobel laureate in literature who wants a Grammy if Bob Dylan can get a Nobel


Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel laureate in literature, has lent his voice to the debate on Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize win.

Soyinka, a recipient of the award in 1986, gave a tongue-in-cheek comment on Dylan’s win speaking at Oxford University’s Ertegun House. “Since I’ve written quite a number of songs for my plays, I would like to be nominated for a Grammy,” Soyinka said.

The Nigerian playwright, author, poet and political activist has written dozens of plays and written numerous books of fiction, memoirs and poetry. Often outspoken, he was put in solitary confinement by the Nigerian government during the 1960s Biafra war.

Soyinka’s comments allude to criticism over the decision to give Dylan the prize for songwriting. Since Dylan’s win, the debate has grown over whether the prize for literature ought to be reserved only for writers and authors. It has also been interpreted as confirmation of the growing disillusionment with books in general.

continuarea articolului si sursa: Quartz Africa

scrisă de Yomi Kazeem 

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